How I practice

List of fees here (PDF). Phone me to discuss a fee if it is not listed.

Sustainability, resilience, climate change and peak oil are major environmental issues which we are all facing. The key to resolving these issues will be the actions taken by individual people, small businesses and social enterprises. I wish to support you in doing this, with an emphasis on addressing relevant legal issues.

I also wish to share with you my practical knowledge and experience in growing and processing food, house building, energy use and community enterprises.


As an individual, small business or social enterprise, I can provide you with legal services in the following areas:

  • Small businesses (food businesses in particular) – sales & purchases, leases, employment issues, food premises/safety compliance
  • House and small block sales & purchases
  • Trusts, wills and estate administration
  • Legal structures and issues for community groups, social enterprises and co-operatives
  • Building law – building contracts, building consent disputes
  • Disability & elder law – trusts for disabled people, property managers & welfare guardians, benefits
  • Environmental law – resource consent applications/objections; compliance
  • Agriculture – contractors supply/service agreements; resource management law compliance

I will personally attend to your legal work – it won’t be delegated to a legal executive or secretary.

When I need to meet with you, I can see you at your business or home, or at my home (I work from home) – whatever is convenient to you. I can communicate with you face-to-face, by phone, mobile, letter, email or text – whatever works best for you.