The Tronpier and Tronway – a new bridge & walk/cycleway for Hamilton?

Tronpier & the Tronway

More drawings and information on the concept here.

There have been a number of proposals for a footbridge bridge over the Waikato River:

  • Brian Anderson’s proposal for a Florence Ponte Vecchio style footbridge
  • The Millennium Esplanade, a suspension- style footbridge and esplanade with cafes and restaurants.
  • The Hamilton City River Plan’s initial concepts and ideas for a ‘planted’ pedestrian bridge

The Tronpier concept I have developed is similar to Brian Anderson’s approach. But the additional feature which gives it a real purpose is my proposed Tronway – a walkway and cycleway linking some major Hamilton sites in a people friendly way – Waikato Stadium, Seddon Park, Wintec, the Hamilton Transport Centre, central Hamilton shopping precinct, Garden Place, southern Victoria Street cafes and restaurants, Hamilton East shopping centre, Waikato University and a number of schools.

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Also, see the front page Waikato Times 

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